Summer Camp 2020 and my Philosophy

January 19, 2020

I wanted to take some time here to expand on what we’re about here. It relates to the summer camp because there are so many summer camp options for children and they all have wonderful things to offer.

Our camp is extraordinary but not because of the beautiful facility we are lucky enough to have, though of course that helps 😉 The most important things to me are making sure my campers have fun and learn but I also want them to see how to treat other people and animals.

I want them to learn the basics very thoroughly, I want them to feel safe (horse and rider). I want my campers to take the lessons and internalize them to help them to create an idea of what it is to be a good horse person, and by extension, a good person.

When we can work with horses we are given a mirror to for us to see ourselves in. A nervous, disobedient, or excitable horse has much to teach… and that is something I try not to forget. I am the coach but most of the time I am the student to my or my clients horses… what does the horse have to say?

I want to show my students how to be humble in the face of such a large creature by showing them how to take their time, to be careful and diligent. But I also want my students to see how to be the guiding light for themselves and their horses, to be strong enough to lead and strong enough to follow. 


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