Our first show is in a month!

April 9, 2019

Show season is just around the corner! We are hoping for an even better year than last and better weather too (please no torrential down pours mother nature). We’re very excited to have our amazingly generous and loyal sponsors helping us out this year including Todd Equipment, Victoria Feeds Horse and Hound, Hubble & Son Agcom, and M&J Plumbing, and some new sponsors, Cover Tech, EQcentric Equine Services, and Better Mechanical. We are so thankful for their help in running our 2019 series. 

We’ve been running this show series for years now and have prided ourselves on running an affordable show series to make it accessible to all riders, especially locally. We know how hard it can be to participate in competitions when the prices can be so high.

This year we have realized that we have to increase the show fees in order to keep running our series and we hope you all understand! The prices have been the same since our very first show, so it was time. Exact prices can be found on our updated entry forms. 

See you all Mothers Day Weekend!


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