February 9, 2015

So I’ve been using the laser on my lesson pony, Chester, who has an old hock injury (bone spurs, chips, arthritis) that prevented me from cantering or jumping him. Further, he wasn’t even able to be lunged on a circle without lameness in the trot and a disunited or non-existent canter.  

I started using the laser on his hock two weeks ago and have done a total of 10 treatments (each 20 minutes each). The results are AMAZING, not only is he able to walk trot canter on the lunge, but he is able to do all that with me on his back!

He is almost 100% sound and in fact, he is better than when we first got him! If I had any doubt about the effectiveness of the laser before, they are gone now! I am beyond excited to start using this on every animal and person I know!!!


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