Leaving things behind to create anew!

February 21, 2022

Hello again! It’s been a while since I’ve updated here because I’ve been dedicated to building my YouTube (Erica Flak) and Instagram (ericadbflak) pages with my spiritual and tarot interests. More and more these interests have been seeping into my horseback riding teachings and trainings as well.

The union of these interests has resulted in much more fulfilling work for me- but it wasn’t easy. I tried for what felt like a long time to people please and fulfill the roles others wanted me to fulfill but I’ve found it too draining and now continue to lean towards the direction I am pulled regardless of fears. I am learning to move with faith rather than logic-quite a shift from the mainstream or matrix. As such, we will not be running summer camps or horse shows for the foreseeable future.

While we loved to provide these services because of how well received and enjoyed they were- they were not intrinsically life-giving to me, meaning they drained and depleted me. And these are the hints I’ve learned to listen to rather than suppress in myself. I’ve learned to face these feelings and to honour them. And what a profound impact that has had! A

long the lines of leaving things behind, we also had to let go of our indoor boarders that we were no longer in alignment with for the reasons listed above. There was (and always will be) fear during these transitions, but in letting go, there has been such a powerful and profound shift towards the light. A lightening of burdens, a lightening of spirit, and a joy in creating a new.

Without the weight of “have to” there is permission to move towards and manifest your dreams. I feel many of us shy away from this out of fear, or lack of worthiness. It’s like we need permission to do so, and if that is the case here is your permission slip! I give you permission to back out, to quit, and to reinvent yourself and what you want to bring into this world. And of course, if you don’t want or need the permission slip, you will give it to yourself when you find it too difficult to get out of bed, to complete the checklist, or to respond and engage with life in the way you are expected to.

When the weight becomes too heavy, I hope you too learn how to let it go, rather than get stronger or more numb. I hope you learn how to honour your sensitivity just as you honour your horses and your community. I hope you give yourself and those around you permission to live in a way that is deeply nourishing, healing, and true to themselves. I hope we all learn through our work with horses, how the external is a mirror for our internal. How to take accountability for our lives, and to take the leadership role in a compassionate and empowered way. T

his is the life I am creating for myself and I hope to create for my community as well.

So, goodbye summer camp, good bye horse shows, I can’t wait to see what we create next <3 


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