Indoor Board Coming Soon!

April 30, 2022

So we are planning to open up again for indoor board after a much needed rest. We will only take on clients that are interested in training board (whether that be lessons or training rides from me). We are best suited to people looking for a quiet, clean and private facility. We are currently renovating our paddocks so that we can provide individual turn out for our boarders.

We hope to provide the perfect balance between quality and comfort for horse and rider. It is of utmost importance that the barn environment of respect (of self, other, and horse), honesty, and integrity is upheld. Our barn is unique in its intimate size and tranquility, and we hope to share it with people that are looking for a respite from the run of the mill barn environment and culture. 

Along those lines… we will be looking for reliable and meticulous barn help to do AM barn chores.

Looking forward to the small community we will build together! 


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