In Frame pt 2

February 10, 2021

What happens when you lengthen reins while in w/t/c?
What happens  when slow your horse down or do a half halt?
What happens if you try to push your horse forward? 

What should ideally happen

  1. Rhythm and balance should remain unchanged, neck should follow the bit. Nose should reach down to the ground, ideally not going too far behind vertical and should remain supple to flexion inside and out. Stretch over back and neck should lengthen and deepen.
  2. Poll and shoulders should lift up, weight should shift back on to hind legs (flexion in hocks), frame should evenly shorten from nose to tail. Transition should be seamless and smooth due to relaxation in horse. 
  3. Horse should remain on the bit, power should come from hind leg reaching under further and pushing forward, rhythm shouldn’t change drastically. Before a smooth, relaxed, and measured increase in speed, the horses back should lift up more if contact remains consistent.  


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