Horse Retreat

Ears, Tongues and Tails Weekend Retreat Itinerary

Friday Afternoon: Arrival and Zen Connection

  • Welcome tea and orientation with breathtaking view of Bethany's rolling hills.
  • Horse experience tailored to you. Choose from beginner to advanced riding, horse training, groundwork, or trust-building with our horses. May include demonstration of Join Up.
  • Evening: *Optional: Group meditation for grounding and personal tarot readings, astrology, and human design analyses for self-reflection and guidance. *Additional charges may apply.

Saturday: Harmony and Self-Discovery

  • Morning: Sunrise yoga session in the heart of nature in our glass atrium or outdoors.
  • Afternoon: A second round of personalized horse experiences, allowing you to deepen your connection with these magnificent animals.
  • Late Afternoon: Optional massage session for both guests and horses, providing relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Evening: *Optional: Group session with experts chosen from disciplines such as animal training; breathwork; hypnosis; and more. *Additional charges may apply.

Sunday: Integration and Farewell

  • Morning: Outdoor hiking yoga session amidst the serene surroundings.
  • Late Morning: Group discussion and sharing of insights from your horse experiences.
  • Afternoon: Farewell ceremony with your horses, expressing gratitude and connection.
  • Departure with your heart full of zen, renewed bonds with horses, and valuable self-discovery.

    Ears, Tounges, and Tails: Creating Zen with horses weekend retreat

    Join us for a harmonious journey with your equine companions or bond with one of ours

    Nestled in the serene and breathtaking rolling hills of Bethany, our “Ears, Tongues, and Tails” retreat is designed to offer you and your horse a unique and transformative experience.

    This 2-day weekend escape combines luxurious accommodation with an array of activities to create a serene, nurturing, and self-reflective atmosphere.

    Light Meal Choices

    Throughout your stay, enjoy the wholesome breakfast, lunch, and snack options provided.

    We feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients to nourish your body and soul. Alternatively, you can bring your own food and use our well-equipped full kitchens.

    Luxurious Accommodation

    Upon your arrival, you and your horse will be welcomed into our luxurious retreat center. You’ll enjoy spacious, well-appointed suites that are designed for relaxation and tranquility.

    We’ve taken extra care to provide your equine friend with luxury stables and pastures, ensuring that they experience the retreat’s tranquility as well.

    yoga atrium

    Yoga for Mind and Body

    Each day begins with invigorating and centering yoga sessions. These practices prepare you for the day’s activities, helping you to build inner strength and balance while fostering a deeper connection with your horse.

    The sessions will be outdoors or in our stunning glass atrium with view on all sides. 

    Horse experiences

    One of the unique aspects of our retreat is the opportunity for you to bond with your own horse, if you choose to bring him or her along. These experiences are for beginners and experienced horse lovers.

    We welcome horses facing specific training issues that need work. Erica, our experienced trainer and coach will guide you through advanced riding skills, horse training, ground work, and trust-building with your horse.

    This special bond you share with your horse will be at the core of your retreat experience.

    picture of three horses
    laser therapy for horse

    Optional Massages

    As part of our commitment to your well-being, we offer optional massages for both guests and their horses.

    Our expert massage therapists will help you relax and rejuvenate, while Erica, an equine masseuse, TTouch, Laser Therapist and Reiki practitioner, will ensure your horses experience the same pampering.

    Equine Message, TTouch, Reiki, Laser Therapy:

    Inquire or to book: text Erica at 705-772-3524

    Self discovery

    In addition to equine experiences, we offer personal tarot readings, astrology analyses, and human design assessments to support your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. These insights will help you understand yourself on a deeper level and guide you in your path forward.

    Unwinding and Rejuvenation

    As the day comes to a close, relax by our outdoor fire pit or indoor games-room, where you can unwind, reflect on your experiences, and prepare for a peaceful night’s rest.

    At “Ears, Tongues, and Tails,” we’ve created an environment that blends luxury, self-discovery, and a deep connection with horses. Whether you’re looking to strengthen the bond with your horse, address specific training issues, or simply enjoy a massage with your equine companion, our retreat is a sanctuary for both you and your horse.

    Join us for this immersive retreat, where the magic of horse-human connection and the serenity of Bethany’s rolling hills will transform your weekend into a life-enriching experience.