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Restore a Classic: Wooden Canoe Revival Workshop

“A City of Kawartha Lakes Signature Knapsack Experience”

Interested in restoring a wooden canoe?

Do you have an old classic that you would like to see restored?

This workshop is for you!



Your instructor is well-known Dick Persson, founder of the Buckhorn Canoe Company.

In this half day event Dick will survey your canoe and share his knowledge of its condition, origin, age and history as well as what is required to restore it to its original splendour. 

There will be hands-on instruction on components of classic canoe restoration (for e.g., planking, steam bending, ribbing, stem repair, etc.). At the end of the half day there will be time for refreshments and discussion with Dick.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own canoes for evaluation.

5-6 participants


4.5 Hour Experience

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Canoe Experience Itinerary


Dick covers some of the history of Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough canoe building

Canoe Inspection
Canoe Inspection

  • Participants who bring a canoe give their story
  • Dick covers the details that show the history and origin of the canoe Who, What, When, What
  • Dick covers what each canoe needs for restoration to its original splendour

Demonstration and Hands-on
Demonstration and Hands-on

  • Rib Repair
  • Gunnel, Stem, Deck Repair
  • Planking
  • Possible Expansion Topics ( for longer experiences)

Expansion Topics:

  • Steam bending
  • Selecting the right wood and application
  • Canvassing, Preservative, Filler, Primer, Paint
  • Caning Seats
  • Fishing, Varnish

Social Time
Social Time

  • Time for group questions
  • Serve Refreshments